Diploma Courses after 10th Class in Pakistan

A student who is now free after annual examination of 10th and planning to study further will be found in tremendous pressure about his or her future. It is normally being said that education after 10th is much important in student’s life, and why not! Education after matriculation decides the future of students. Education beyond matric class works as ladder towards success of one’s life. It is right of every person to live happy and prosperous however, happiness & prosperity requires hardworking, perfect planning and determination.

The education system developed in Pakistan as compare to past. The Government and private institutions have been established to provide education to the people of country. Therefore, variety of education is available for students especially after matric class. I researched on the subject topic and was surprised to know that people are unable to find out information about best courses for their children and usually erroneous selection of field of education destroy the future of children. I was even unable to find such website or online platform to provide correct and supportive information for courses after 10th class in Pakistan. The students suffer to choose the field of education, because they are innocence towards practical life as compared to parents. Therefore, I would force to parents & guardians to help their children to select best and appropriate field of education according to abilities of a child.

However, sometime parents are also unable and frequently ask questions about diploma courses after 10th class in Pakistan. However, don’t be worried we are to help you. We will guide you what course should be selected for your child. I would personally suggest to people to adopt technical fields because a technical man cannot wonder for job. Furthermore, there is great demand of technical professionals in Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. So let’s start discussion on the topic now:-

Diploma in Associate Engineering after 10th Class:-

There is great value of Diploma in Associates Engineering (DAE) in Pakistan and foreign countries. It is a three year program and I have seen many students working in national and multinational companies even after compilation of 2 years study in this field. A student who acquires DAE in any field will never struggle to earn his livelihood. Great salaries are being offered to the person having diploma in following:-

  • Diploma in Civil Engineering.
  • Diploma in Architecture.
  • Diploma in Information technology.
  • Diploma in Computer.
  • Diploma in Electronics.
  • Diploma in Instrument Technologies.
  • Diploma in Electrical Technology.
  • Diploma in Mechanical Technology.
  • Diploma in Bio Medical.
  • B. Tech.
  • Diploma in Metallurgy & Welding Technology.
  • Diploma in Weaving Technology.
  • Diploma in Textile Spinning Technology.
  • Leather Technology.
  • Refrigeration & Air conditioning technology.
  • Fire Arts Technology.
  • Foundry and Pattern Making Technology.
  • Food Processing and Preservation technology.
  • Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management.
  • Diploma in Office Management.
  • Diploma in Travel and Tourism Technology.
  • Diploma in Even Management.

Short Technical Courses after 10th Class:-

Many government and private institutions in Pakistan offer short courses for the students who have completed ten years of education. These courses are also very helpful to get job in national and multinational companies working in and out of Pakistan. The detail of courses is given below:-

  • Course of Tailoring.
  • Course of Auto cat.
  • Course of web designing.
  • Course of Computer Foundation.
  • Course of computer software.
  • Course of Computer Hardware.
  • Course of E-Marketing.
  • Course of Banking.
  • Course of Accounting.
  • Course of Embroidery.
  • Course of Surveyor.
  • Course of import and export.
  • Course of automobile vehicle electrician.
  • Course of Denting & Painting.
  • Course of Welding.
  • Course of Carpenter.

These were imported courses / diploma should have been done after 10th class. The assurance of earning / job can be given to a person having one of the above said diploma and course. There are many government institutions have been established by the federal and provincial governments to provide technical and skill education to the students. Private institutions are also making contribution for promotion of technical education in the country. However, we will recommend you to have diploma from govt. institutions before of its national and international level values. This was all about diploma and courses in Pakistan after 10th Class. Despite of this, leave comments below, if you are having any difficulty of want to ask any question.

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