Dubai Visit Visa, Requirements and Fee for Pakistan

In this article I tell you how to get Dubai visit visa, requirements and what is fee to apply visa from Pakistan and How to get Job Pakistani people. Flying to abroad is a burning desire of every Pakistani. You do not need to go any consultant who will charge you heavy fee your passport to be stamped for UAE. No! No! It is not fair. Just stay with us, get information, apply directly and fly. You can visit to Dubai just for visiting or jobs in different local or multinational companies. You can spend vacation time in Dubai.


Dubai Visit Visa, Requirements and Fee for Pakistan

Mostly travelers and visitors need to get a visa prior to entering the UAE (United Arab Emirates). However, the good news is that the UAE authorities have taken many steps to make this process as straightforward as possible. There are various healthy amendments in visa policy as compare to past circumstance; UAE authority has emphasized the visitor’s need well in current times. UAE Govt. allows some country’s citizens to fly there without visa, just by entry stamp but for Pakistan and rest of the countries, policy is different, but it is not so hard, hence it feel impossible, it is possible and very easy to process, just follow the instructions below.

UAE Govt. offers different types of visit visa, however, from Pakistan most following three types are most practical.

  1. Single Entry for 1 month
  2. Single Entry for 3 months
  3. Multiple Entry up to 6 months

The kind of visa that you require for entry into the UAE depends on several different factors such as your nationality, the purpose of your planned visit and its planned duration and it may vary country to country. Although this variation exists, but one thing is common, UAE authority prefers the visitors, tourists and businessmen.

How to Apply?

To apply Dubai visit visa is so simple, just go on United Arab Emirates Islamabad Embassy’s official website, download the Visa Form by visiting the Visa Option, download the form and type it (do not fill it by hand, it will create bad impression) and submit it in Embassy’s Consular Section, getting instant re-ply your application has been registered for process.

Regulations, terms and conditions may change from time to time and, whilst we do endeavor to keep up to date, you are advised to check with your airline and regional UAE embassy or consulate on the latest information regarding types of visas, fees and the rules and regulations.


  1. Typed Visa Form (available on UAE Embassy website),
  2. Attached photograph with white background,
  3. Form application must be signed by applicant, incomplete application will not consider.
  4. Form must be attached with valid Passport copy,
  5. ID card’s copy,
  6. Details of sponsor (if require) in UAE should fill neat and clean,
  7. You can submit form physically or online as mentioned above.

Visit Visa Fee

Following different fees are implementing for above three types of visas mentioned.

  • US $ 200/- for (30) Days Single Entry.
  • US $ 400/- for (90) Days single entry.
  • US $ 800/- for (6) Months Multiple Entry.

Plan today to arrive in Dubai for visiting and searching for job opportunities. You have read out comprehensive details about Dubai visit visa requirements and fee from Pakistan, let it move.


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