Importance and Benefits of Hijab in Islam

Veil or hijab is considered to be a central phase when there is a clash between the truth and the false. This issue is overall a sensitive issue, but collect a great attention due to proposed legislation in countries like Germany, France, etc who ban the use of Veil and Abayas in their education as well as their government institutions. Women who wear hijab out of religious confidence and those who wear it with some limited knowledge about the importance of Hijab can be confusing. Before wearing Hijab, it is important to understand some important points which are related to modesty and hijab. Modesty is a norm in a history and is the later part of the past century. If one is continuing the historical books of different ages and times, one would find the diffident covering of women in each society.

The second point is that modesty is a constituent in a number of world religions, especially in Christianity, Judaism and Islam. This might be a surprising thing that Islam was not the one who invented Hijab or modesty as this already existed in the religion laws which was revealed even before Islam. The remnants can still be found in the altered books of that reliance. The importance of hijab is confirmed when the final message was given to Prophet Muhammad (SAW). This is a fact that all these order and revelations came from the only source, ALLAH. There are three major faiths in Islam that are Allah, Marry and the mother of Jesus. Women belong to these religions cover themselves the same way as Muslim women did so this is considered to be the common bond which is shared by these three women.

Importance of Hijab in Islam:

Hijab depicts a woman’s obedience and the connection to her creator. There are many verses which show the importance of Hijab in Islam as Hijab is not only a symbol to know the Muslim women’s identity but it is more than that. It is a test for Muslim women, which is taken in this world. When a woman is wearing hijab, she is actually completing a religious obligation. A woman who wears hijab separate herself from harm, vain and she has no desire to show her beauty to other men and women around her.

jihabBy wearing hijab, a woman has no desire to live according to the society’s demand and she does not use her beauty to obtain acceptance and recognition from the surroundings. The hijab not only protects women from bad intentions and evil eyes but also gave her freedom to move freely in the society without having fear of being misused. Many non-believers are trying to remove the hijab as they consider hijab an obstacle. Many of our sisters who do not know the teachings of Islam properly have been caught in the web and non-believers are using their modesty just to manipulate Islam.

By removing hijab, a Muslim girl who was independent and was living her life with dignity, become a slave of the evil eyes and evil desires. She completely destroys her faith by removing hijab as Islam means submission your deeds in front of Allah. Those who deny submissions cannot be called Muslims. The main purpose of doing Hijab is to please Allah but those who do it for tradition, they waste their effort. In short, hijab is an individual religious and faith expression.

Benefits of Hijab in Islam:-

Observing and implementing Islamic teachings is not as such easy as there are many obstacles came in the way just to distract you. But if anyone passes these hurdles then there will be a great reward waiting for her in another world. There are some tips mentioned below which helps in overcoming obstacles. The first obstacle is yourself- be sure if you are ready for it or not. First thing should be done before starting Veil or Hijab is consultation, research, and discussion with the girl who has gone through the initial stages then ask Allah’s help and mercy  who will put your beliefs into actions.

The second obstacle is the friend and family- the fear that how they will take your decision. If your friends are real, they must appreciate this decision and will be your strength. If your friends and family are leaving you just because you are following Islam, let them go! Be aware of Allah, not the ones who want to mislead you. Be with the one who does not wish to go against Allah’s command even if your parents (to obey them is our first and top priority) want to go against Allah’s command, leave them.

The third obstacle is the place where you work and study. It is difficult to look different and it needs the courage to bear the criticism. People may pass comments like, “who ask you to do this” or “what is the thing covering your head” etc. there should be only thing cleared in mind that all you are doing this is to please Allah, not others. Answer the questions without getting harsh on them.  The fourth obstacle is for sporty girls. Obeying Allah and his command doesn’t refrain you from physical activities. Girls can play sports like swimming, basketball, cricket etc but they should play only for the love of games, not for their body exhibition. May Allah guide her and keep us in His protection.

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