Learn English in Urdu

In this article we are suggesting you some basic techniques how to learn English in Urdu. English has become a global language and the person who can speak, write and read the English is known more respective, particularly in the countries which are developing and much crazy to learn English. Pakistan is also one of those countries whish’s people look much excited to learn English. Unfortunately many of students in Pakistan cannot get adequate atmosphere to learn English.

They are not taught the English grammatically, they are not told the basics of English, and eventually these students feel the English highly tough language. Conversely English is highly soft and easily understandable language. You just need a slightly adequate learning environment to learn it.

Learn English in Urdu

Learn English in Urdu

First of all make your mind you must learn it with full of passion, and then go through following 10 steps process.

  1. There are many Urdu literature’s available on net or in market that will guide you some basics which can lead you easily to learn English.
  2. Increase your vocabulary by remembering daily using words. For this you should remind 10 time a day these words so that the words may become fluent for your tongue, such as bread, fruits, vegetables, flowers, professional, musical, songs, birds, animals, cats, dogs, hello baby and so many other word which are being used in your routine life, try to learn these.
  3. Consult the grammar book that is written in Urdu translating into English.
  4. Read the basic tenses forms, what is subject, what is verb, object and adjective etc. read out all these prepositions in Urdu and then try it in English language.
  5. Try to use English words and sentences in your routine life. Initially you will it strange and difficult but for the time of being, you will feel relax and enjoying.
  6. Try to perform functional English in your routine life, for example you are giving general good wishes, you will say, “All the best” “have a nice day” etc.
  7. You should learn all the sentences that are spoken in daily life, example watching the time, eating the meal, inviting the children to study etc.
  8. Try to being go through in a conversation speaking in English with your friend, cousins or your children. It will build up your confidence and will lead you pronunciation corrections.
  9. Make dialogs with your friends to create perfection your learning.
  10. Try to translate a paragraph daily written in Urdu to English on the read it, write it and speak it formula.

Summarizing the discussion, we can suggest you to practice the above suggestions knowing as the, practice makes a man perfect. Many of students know the English importance but they think it hard to learn. They are totally wrong. They think about how to speak English easily, they also join academies to learn how to speak English fluently. If the student’s financial position allows them to go academies they can, however, take an Urdu to English grammar and pick a single lesion every day, you will go 30 lesions a month and 180 lesions in 6 months and so on. I think it is highly progressive track to learn English in Urdu.


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