Latest & Amazing Mehndi Designs for Hands 2017

Mehndi also referred to henna is an art applied on hands and feet. It is present in paste form and packed in cone shape wrapper. It is applied as the drawing is done with pencil. Young girls are ladies nowadays are interested in applying henna on their hands. In past, mehndi was applied simply and not many designs were made on hand. Mehndi is getting common not only in sub-continent but in Arab countries and western countries mehndi art is getting common. Mehndi is applied on front and back of hands up to the elbow. Girls proffered to have a hand full of mehndi designs on special occasions like wedding, eid festivals, Diwali and other festivals but some girls have so much interest in the application of henna they practice and apply mehndi on a regular basis. Application of mehndi on hands is the art and skill and practice can make able to make perfect and beautiful designs. This webpage is going to provide you latest Mehndi Designs.

As mehndi is art and designs can be perfectly made by following some tips which the artist must know while drawing mehndi design. For those who are applying mehndi for the first time need much practice to draw the neat design. For this purpose firstly simple designs or simple patterns must be practiced. Practice can be done on a sheet of paper on the square piece of the mirror. Holding a mehndi cone is important. If one knows how to hold cone correctly she can make design smoothly. As it is famous quote that practice makes the man perfect so is in case of mehndi art more practice more will be the appealing design can be drawn.

Latest Mehndi Designs for Hands:

Nowadays various types and styles are applied on hands depends on the choice. These types include Pakistani, Indian, and Arabic etc. mehndi tattoos are now available which get dry quickly and have much darker color. According to design mehndi can be applied in floral, block, geometric, motif and circle patterns.

Dark green mehndi design adds beauty and decency to the hand light floral patterns made on hand is always being the preference of the ladies. Floral design in chain form or one floral pattern made on Centre of the palm with a little flower made from tips of the finger gives the hand pretty look.

Hand Mehndi Designs Pics Hands are made elegant by the addition of light and dark shade mehndi. Borders of the pattern are made with dark mehndi color while the internal part of design is shaded with light color mehndi. In this way, this gives the elegant look to the hands. The pattern can beautify the hands by more creativity and practice as neat mehndi design and proper shading will definitely make hand more beautiful.

Hands with mehndi can be made more classy and elegant by the addition of glitters on mehndi design. This will not only make mehndi design prominent but also gives an appealing and beautiful look. One shade of glitter can be applied as well as contrasting shades also enhance the beauty of the hands. Glitters are usually applied on bride’s hands as it gives the different look and match with bride’s dress and bangles.

Amazing Mehndi Designs for Hands 2017:

The more astonishing look can be given on mehndi design by the addition of beads on design, one or two beads are enough to give decent look to hand.  This will prominent the design and beauty of the hands.

Black shaded mehndi is on demand nowadays as it gives the darker impression and makes the design more prominent. Many designs for dark henna designs are available in books, the internet. Many embossed patterns and simple pattern design are available it’s one choice what type to apply. Heavy designs are preferred by the brides while little girls like to have simple and well-painted designs.

Arabic mehndi designs are taking place of simple mehndi designs. They are painted as emboss designs and usually, design is filled with mehndi to give the pattern-heavy look. These designs are getting common because of its unique and traditional look. Arabic designs are easy to draw and one can make mehndi art perfect by practicing Arabic style mehndi. A stunning collection of Arabic designs is available in the books and the internet to make the hands beautiful and give the impressive look.

Mehndi design is made by using different patterns. These patterns include circle type in which circular shape design is drawn on the center of the palm or on the backside of the hand. Flower vines or floral patterns are made for those who prefer a simple look. Leaves and flowers with lines are applied to give the heavy looks to hands.

In short thousands of mehndi designs are available in books and the internet. It is one’s choice what type of mehndi design she considers and suits to the hands moreover accessories like glitters and beads enhance the beauty of the hands. So if the art is applied neatly with perfect design doubles the elegance and beauty of the hands.

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