Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World 2018

This world, no doubt, is a most beautiful place because, it’s Creator is “Allah” (God). From the waterfalls to the mountains covered in snow to lush greenery, nature depicts Allah’s perfection in every way. Today, I’ll introduce to the top ten most beautiful cities in the world, worth knowing them, worth visiting them to appreciate your Lord’s Majesty, more and more. So if you’re planning to spend your vacations somewhere, my article can help you to decide where to head. These places should be in your list of places of your itinerary. They are a mixture of fun, adventure, pleasant environment and tranquility and of course, allure. So, here we go.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World 2018


Venice is unanimously agreed to be the most beautiful city of the world, to date. It is based on 117 islands which are distanced by canals but, joined by bridges.

For its outstanding art and architecture, Venice is most tourists’ destination. In 2007, it was estimated that 70000 tourists come here every day. It is a very small and packed city with many monument, museums and churches, so history is all around the city. Visitors returning from Venice call it their dream “place’’. Comparing it with any city would be biased, as it is where one’s most beautiful imaginative picture of a peaceful and serene place, actually turns into a reality.

Furthermore, Venice’s vast architectural, artistic and musical heritage is simply amazing. The gist of the city holds place in its twists and turns of its alleys, canals and bridges, and its graceful architecture.


Next standing in queue is, Paris, Italy. Who doesn’t know about the Eiffel tower? Even if you don’t go there in person, you can still see it from all over Paris. It is one of the must see attractions in Paris which cannot be imagined without Eiffel tower which now symbolizes the city. It holds the dignity of the city.

The Pont Neuf Bridge is the most famous and oldest bridge in Paris. It stands over river Seine. It’s a beauty spot for the true aesthetic tourists.

Jardin Des Plantes is the main botanical garden of France. Here, 4000 plants are arranged by family. So dear tourists, the 4000 different plants’ families are waiting to give you a ‘green’ and ‘refreshing’ welcome. It’s always pleasurable to be around nature and this garden will surely satisfy your expectations.

Children, Paris assures you complete entertainment because, the Disney Land is located here. It is the most visited theme park in Europe. From hotels to restaurants to rides and much more, the park will not let you get fully contented with all the fun in one day, you’ll always wish to come back and have more and never leave until you have tasted each and every single means of unlimited joy and fun it caters you with.

The land where sorrows do not exist, the Disneyland awaits you eagerly.


Parks, gardens, architecture, fragrance, art and culture all meet together to give rise to this amazingly charming city known as Florence. It is in Italy and is one of the most important tourists’ attractions. One can easily fall in love with this city at the very first sight.

The artistic and architectural nature of Florence has made it possible to be included in world’s most beautiful cities by Forbes. It is also recognized for its renaissance arts and history.

Ponte Veccheo in Italy is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world extending over the river Arno. At the ends of the bridge shops are built and it is certainly very romantic and ideal for couples. During the entire day the bridge looks glamorous but at the time of twilight its charm goes to another level, with the lights from shops reflecting from the river.


London, England, is set on River Thames. This city offers heart-stirring attractions like Bushy Park, Greenwich Park, changing the guard, Goldsmiths Hall, Hyde Park, Richmond Park, Bank of England museum, British museum, museum of London, National Gallery, and the list is long.

Eltham Palace is a large house in Eltham in south east London. It has been said that the internal art decoration of the house is a ‘’masterpiece of modern design’’.

St James Park is oldest royal park of London and certainly the loveliest. Along with the thrilling weather of London this park will please you with its beautiful lakes and birds which are too friendly to ignore. Away from noice and pollution, this park will take give your life a peaceful break and watch the world goes by. It’s a hidden gem in the heart of London.

Through London Eye, you can view the whole London in one go. Isn’t that awesome? The wheels take you round with a pace, such, to complete one round in almost half an hour. It is a fantastic place if you want to relax and enjoy at the same time.


Cape Town is one of the most multicultural cities of the world. It is a picturesque place one must visit. Its breathtaking locations are filled almost entire year with tourists who love to see beauty and appreciate it.

The best thing in Cape Town is, the Table Mountain, the aerial view from which is, spectacular. One can take a map up to identify the landmarks viewed from the mountain. The mountain is really a table! One will feel closer to nature as they see Allah’s great work so closely. You will make new friends there. Guess who? The clouds! Being among them makes you feel so good and beautiful. It is definitely correctly considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Another place which cannot be praised enough for its beauty is Hottentots Holland Mountains. It is a fun way to see the world and enjoy the panoramic view around you including still standing natural pools, bright wild flowers, and Rocky Mountains as charming companions. Views are breathtaking and surely worth all the efforts put in hiking.

False Bay has one of the Cape Peninsula’s most tranquil and picturesque stretches of coastline. Its scenic beauty is the reason of its fame which holds tourists eyes and houses in their hearts, permanently. The fresh sea breeze will energize and refresh you all over again.


It is the capital of Japan. Gardens of Tokyo are so excellently made that they depict the aesthetic and artistic sense of creativity in people of Japan. Showing nature’s grandeur in a small area is a matter of great talent. Lanterns and arched bridges are a perfect combination of embellishment and finery.

The changes of the seasons are distinctly represented in Tokyo . They are a beauty to observe as the flowers turn to leaves with colors so beautiful to eyes that, only Allah can give to them. Quaint scenery of nature is a sight so pleasurable; you will keep on seeing without getting tired.

7-RIO DE JANEIRO          

Some cities speak out their elegance and splendor. Rio de Janeiro is one of them. Allah has undoubtedly blessed this city with the most striking settings in the world. Standing at the top of the Sugarloaf Mountain, your eyes can view some of the most eye opening landscapes of the world. You will be overwhelmed by the beauty far and wide. The oceans are as clear as a finely cut African diamond. The greenery of tropics is as fresh as a newly harvested cucumber.

The Quinta da Boa Vista is a public park holding immense historical value. Lush greenery with a lake in between, winding and twisting, which reflects its color is a sight greatly soothing to eyes. It gives a feeling of immense relaxation and revitalizes you.


You are wrong if you think everything is possible, because it is impossible to visit San Sebastian and not sweep off feet by its magical and phenomenal existence. The city will wander in your dreams once you see it and force you to come back again and again. It offers perfect combination of marvelous scenery, beaches, mountains, with skiing in the Pyrenees.

The river Urumea runs through the city both banks of which have amazingly beautiful and attractive walkways and shady avenues. Surfing the river is a bundle of thrilling and a must to have experience.

One of the most renowned urban beaches in Europe is the La Concha beach, where after, once you have been there, I doubt anyone not asking themselves “why don’t I reside here? Isn’t there any way out I can live here for the rest of my life?’’. A walk along this beach is a pleasurable experience in itself. White sandy shores and crisp blue water, La Concha is a perfect example of how an ideal beach should be.


The oldest, largest and most urbane city of Australia, Sydney, has beautiful and memorable experiences for its visitors. Wide sandy beaches and outstanding cruises make the city a perfect holiday destination for tourists who are in search of fun and charm in one place giving one an enriching travelling experience.

Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most famous beaches and among world’s most popular beaches. The combination of brownish golden sand and light bluish sea with the orange yellow sun rays striking upon the water making it appear as sparkling pearls is a sight not to miss. It is always crowded, especially during the summer when the warm weather becomes the additional reason along with the ‘’urge’’ to come to this perfectly flawless beach and feel euphoric.


‘’Vancouver is a city unlike any other. Wherever I look I see water and mountains—or both. And everyone looks so healthy.’’ The daily Telegraph (UK)

Vancouver boasts remarkable natural beauty and is truly blessed in this regard. The Stanley Park in the city is made out of a forest evolution. Its lake is as clear as crystal and the park is very large. Its charm will hold your heart and its grandeur will make you appreciate nature beyond control.

Cypress Mountain is noted for its awe-inspiring vertical rise of 2000 feet. Beribboned in snow the mountains tranquilize your heart and eyes. They are a sight of wonder.

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