Problems of Education System in Pakistan & Its Solutions

Process of learning is called education. Education is the light of life. It enhances the human status and leads everyone to respectability. It is the basic right of every person. Education plays an important role in progress of nation, as a nation can be strong with educated citizens. Pakistan is ranked 113 out of 120 registered UN members according to the research conducted by UNESCO. Our government is responsible for providing free education to every student. Pakistan is among the list of those countries which are going through the problem of education that need to be resolved by the government. Our education system doesn’t meet the international requirements. Our education system is generally divided into five levels

  • Primary (Grade 01 to 05).
  • Middle (Grade 06 to 08).
  • High (Grade 09 to 10)
  • Higher Secondary (Grade 11 to 12)
  • And University Program (Undergraduate or Graduate Degrees)

Many countries across the world are facing the problems of education; however, problems in our country are much different from them.  There are many problems which have to be resolved in order to have a good educational system. We have here mentioned some of the important and leading problems regarding education system in Pakistan are detailed as under:-

  • Firstly, the equality between public and private sectors of Pakistan. Students who learn in private schools are more acknowledge able than that of government schools and it creates discrimination among students.
  • Secondly, our education system is suffering from low educational funds as it never went beyond 1.5 to 2.5 percent of total GDP. Even this amount was not utilized.
  • Thirdly, untrained, unqualified and unskilled teachers also play an important role and causing main flaws in educational system. Only 25% teachers of our university are having degrees of PhDs and only 20% of them are energetic and devoted to their professional. Workshops for teachers are not available which provide training and new techniques of teaching as the teaching method of our teachers are not good and based on old style.
  • Fourthly, examination system remained a problematic issue in Pakistan. How to judge a student performance is a difficult question. Learning is geared to passing examination. Some students are so brilliant that they only work hard at the end of paper and gain good marks and those students that work hard for the very first day are just disappointing and some of them use unfair means this is all because of our faulty education system.
  • problems of Education In Pakistan and Its Solution
  • Fifthly, the major issue is the gender discrimination that is contributing towards the low participation rate of girls. The male and female participation ratio at primary school is projected to be 10:4 respectively.
  • Sixth, the main problem is increase in poverty which has restricted the parents to send their children to tasks for child labor.
  • The developed countries moved on latest technology while providing education but in our country we are relying only on old methods. The technology helps to promote the education.

According to the Article 25-A of constitution of Pakistan, which obligates the state to provide free and compulsory education to children aged between 5-16 years. Pakistan produces about 445,000 university graduates and 10,000 Computer science graduates per year. Despite this Pakistan still has one of the highest illiteracy rates in world and second largest out of school population 5.4 million children after Nigeria.

Moreover if we are educating our students then we are not educating them to become a good person or not grooming their personality and are not educating them to live a respectful life. We are just preparing Money machines.  Government should have to take important steps to remove flaws from educational system. Focus on educational funds, should have same syllabus in all provinces, so that students should not face discrimination at university level, standard of government schools should be raised, so that the private and government schools are at the same level. Workshops are arranged for teachers which help to improve their teaching method. Poverty should be removed so that parents should give a higher education to their children and funds / scholarships should be given to deserving, needy, impoverished and poor children. If our educational system improve than our country will leads to success and become economically strong.


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