Telenor Djuice Call Packages 24 Hours

Telenor is world’s largest telecommunication company providing service in Europe and Asia. It has about 180 million mobile subscribers and 33000 employees associated with the company. In Pakistan, it is second largest mobile operating system with 36 million users. It got a license in 2004 and launched its services in 2005. Along with mobile services the company is providing financial services with the name of brand “EASYPAISA” through which money can be exchanged easily at any time at any easy paisa service provider outlet. Telenor not only giving mobile, the internet and easy paisa service but it is helping various departments of education, health, and sanitation for their development.

Telenor is keen to offer excellent offer time to time. The officers issued by Telenor most of time are matchless as compare to other telecommunication companies in Pakistan. Their SMS packages, Call Packages, 3G and 4G internet packages are unique and cheapest. This time Telenor officers Telenor Djuice Package 24 Hours.

Telenor is providing very economical call packages which are beneficial for every citizen and especially for students who are involved in group discussions.  Some of the call packages provided by the company are discussed below.

50 Minutes Bundle:

This offer is valid for one day. Activation charges include PRs 9 plus tax and provide 50 minutes for a day. This package is tension-free convenience. For the activation, the user has to dial *345*700#. By activation of this package, the user will get 50 on-net minutes. This is valid for djuice customers and for 24 hours.

Telenor Djuice Package 24 HoursRemaining minutes can be checked by dialing *222#. FED tax of 19.5% can be applied. 15 paisa including tax will be charged on every call. On re-subscription of this package previous day, minutes will be added to next day subscription.

Prime Time Offer:

Djuice offer all night free call offer. This is best for those who want to chit chat all night with their friends. The time for this offer is from 9PM to 9Am. Activation charges include PRs 3.00 plus tax.  The offer is valid for 24 hours or till 9 AM from the time of activation.  This package is activated by dialing*7777*1#. 19.5% FED charges will be applied. Djuice customers can be transferred to this package by dialing *345*33#.

Djuice Team Offer:

This offer is best for those want to have gossips with their friends and family members at any time of the day. The offer not only provides low call rates but also Facebook, twitter and Instagram are free in this offer. The offer is subscribed by dialing *345*11# for once and free of any hidden charges. Charges applied are PRs 6.00 including 15% standard tax. 200 free minutes are included per day. Remaining minutes can be checked by dialing *500*1#.

Policy for all the packages and the services provided by the company can be changed anytime. It is friendly network and many users avail its services.

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