Ufone SMS Packages Daily, Fortnightly, Weekly & Monthly

Ufone is considered as an economical mobile network. It cares the requirement of the user and provides cheap and economical packages. Call, SMS and internet packages all are provided in such a low rates that a common man can easily afford. Some of the SMS packages provided by the company are discussed below. All the packages offered are not only for Ufone to Ufone user but can be messaged to any network serving available in Pakistan.

Ufone Daily package:

Daily package offer is for those who need sudden activation of SMS package and need to message off and on but not daily. When they need to message can subscribe to this offer for a day and can unsubscribe if the need is fulfilled. To subscribe this offer user has to type or message “Sub” to the 605. The offer will be subscribed in PRs 3.99 plus tax and user will get 1500 message for a day. The offer will be activated automatically after 24 hours. If the user wants to unsubscribe, the offer will be canceled on user demand.

Ufone Daily Chat Package:

This is an amazing offer those who don’t do the only SMS but also use WhatsApp to keep in touch with their fellows. The offer provides 10,000 SMS and unlimited WhatsApp Mbs in just PRs 5 plus tax. To subscribe this offer simply dial *630#. The offer will be automatically subscribed at 12 AM. To check balance dial*706#. To unsubscribe this offer user has to *6301#. The WhatsApp call is not present in this offer, regular whatsapp call charges will be considered while call through WhatsApp.

Ufone Fortnightly SMS Package:

The offer is very economical user will get 10,000 SMS for 14 days in just PRs 30 plus tax. The user can message anytime a day to any network available in the country. The user will get expiry date before the expiry of the package. To subscribe this offer user has to send “sub” to 603 via SMS. The package is good for students and those who love to chit chat 24 hours with their fellows.

Ufone Unlimited SMS Package:

The unlimited or monthly package is the package offered by the company for 30 days. To subscribe this offer user has to send “sub’ to 607. The user will get 20,000 SMS for a whole month at PRs 80 plus tax. The condition is applied if SMS limit is finished then the rate for extra SMS will be charged as default rates given by the company. This offer is also economical and user-friendly.

ufonejUfone Yearly SMS Package:

An unlimited number of SMS can be availed by subscribing to yearly SMS package. This package can be activated by sending “sub” to 601. The offer can be subscribed in PRs 666 plus tax.  The package is valid for one year. About 100,000 SMS are given to the user in this package. Although if no of SMS are availed before the expiry of the package then any message sent can be charged according to the regular rate decided by the company.

Ufone Uth SMS FNF Package:

This is also very good offer and the user can chat with his family and friend members for a whole day in just PRs 5 plus tax. The number of SMS provided in this offer is unlimited. The offer is valid for 30 days. To get this offer user has to send SMS “sub” to 604. the offer is valid for only Uth package customer.

Ufone Uth Daily SMS Package:

This package is also valid for Uth package customers. The user will get 600 SMS in just PRs 1.99 plus tax. The offer is valid for 24 hours. To get this offer send “sub” to 612. This is an exceptional sms package offered by Ufone for its customers. The activation charges are very cheap therefore, it is strongly recommended to activate this package because you can send upto 600 SMSs in just 2 rupees.

Ufone Daily On-net SMS package

This package is valid for Ufone to Ufone numbers. The user can get 500 SMS in just  Rs 2 plus tax. To get the package send “sub” to 611. The offer is valid for 24 hours. This is a very economical package for those who have friends and family members with Ufone numbers.It is 24 hour offered package only for Rs.2 including all taxes.

Ufone Night SMS Package

Night package is valid for 8 hours from 12 AM to 8 AM. After activation user will get 300 SMS at only PRs 1 plus tax. By sending SMS “sub” to 609 the user can get this offer. To unsubscribe this offer PRs 1 plus tax will be charged.

Ufone Weekly SMS Package:

To get this offer user has to send “sub” to 608. 1200 SMS are provided in this package. PRs 10 plus tax are charged for activation of this package. The offer is valid for seven days. This offer is also valid for Uth Package customers only.

Ufone 45 Days SMS Package:

30,000 SMS are offered in this package for 45 days. Activation can be done by sending “sub” to 614. This offer can be availed in PRs 99 plus tax.

A number of free SMS are also offered in various different packages like Ufone Super Card offer, uth pack, din bhar offer etc. different terms and policies are applied in each package. SMS to out of country numbers and premium numbers are not included in the offer.

  • SMS to shortcode 600 and 606 will be charged PRs 0.5 plus tax.
  • The daily package can be unsubscribed by sending “unsub” to 506
  • Weekly package can be unsubscribed by sending “unsub” to 8066
  • 5% Fed is applied
  • The sim is user’s identity user must used biometrically identified sim.

We have tried best to provide you all information regarding SMS Packages offered by Ufone. The method of subscription and unsubcription has been discussed above in detail, however, if you find information not metioned above, please leave comment below for prefect and accurate answer. Our representatives will be available for further guidance.

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