A clever woman circumvents New York City subway regulations by transporting her 52-pound white Samoyed dog in a backpack

Jackie Hornung, whose unusual approach of taking the New York City Subway with her beloved puppy, Lumi, tightly tucked away in a rucksack, has gone online crazy. Hornung shows her creative approach to overcome tube rules in a hit TikHub video with over 1.4 million views.

Hornung says she’s just following the rule that dogs must be carried in bags on the NYC tube when asked about her unique travel buddy. And carrying Lumi in a roomy bag is the best way to follow this rule. Hornung gently enters the tube in the video uploaded on her @littlebearlumi account, Lumi happily snuggled in a big green hiking bag, his paws resting on her shoulders as he stares out suspiciously.

Though Lumi is somewhat large and weighs about 55 pounds, Hornung assures viewers that he is shockingly light and at ease in the K9 sports sack. The backpack gives Lumi plenty room to sit comfortably, thereby making sure he doesn’t feel confined throughout their tube excursions.

Although New York law requires that animals be housed in a container when on public transportation, innovative pet owners like Hornung have discovered clever ways to carry their furry pets while following the laws. Pet owners are discovering creative ways to incorporate their friends in their city journeys from Ikea bags with precisely cut-out holes to chic handbags and gym bags.

A savvy woman recently made news in the busy metropolitan scene of New York City, where using public transport may be difficult, by deftly carrying her 52-pound white Samoyed dog in a rucksack. This unusual strategy to get around tube rules not only piqued interest but also made clear the extent pet owners will go to guarantee their furry friends may travel with them.

The woman, whose name was not revealed in the media, discovered herself in a situation common to many city residents: how to carry a big dog on public transport when rigorous policies usually forbid animals unless they meet within particular size limits and are housed in carriers? Not daunted by these limitations, she came up with a clever answer—a specifically made rucksack big enough to fit her hefty Samoyed.

On social media, pictures and videos of the woman with her Samoyed coolly ensconced in the large rucksack went fast viral. The puppy seemed peaceful and satisfied, its fluffy white fur standing out against the busy travellers and tube stations backdrop.

While some onlookers praised the woman’s creativity and the cute sight of a dog peering out from a rucksack, others questioned the practicality and safety of moving such a big animal this way. Concerns were expressed over the dog’s possible discomfort as well as the difficulties negotiating packed train and tube platforms.

Responding to the widespread attention, transport officials underlined the need of following accepted policies and regulations for moving animals on public transport. These rules are meant to guarantee everyone’s comfort and safety, especially those of allergic people or animal phobias.

Notwithstanding the controversy this event generated, it highlighted the close relationship individuals have with their pets and the creative methods people find to involve them into daily life. Many pet owners view their furry friends as beloved members of their families, worthy of care even in metropolitan environments where space and logistics can provide difficulties. They are not only animals.

The narrative of the woman and her Samoyed strolling across the New York City underground reminds us of the extent people will go to in order to take care of and involve their animals into their life. It is still spreading online. It also sparks debates on pet-friendly laws and the changing ways cities meet the demands of various populations—including animal as well as human ones—in common public areas.

Riding the underground gives Lumi not only a method to get around but also a chance to tour the busy streets of New York City. His Instagram profile features his exploits visiting famous sites as Grand Central Station, Central Park and Rockefeller Centre, illustrating that even tube rides may become unforgettable events for man’s best friend with a little imagination and a lot of love.

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