A Heartfelt Connection: Brave Pit Bull Rescues Foster Mom from Rattlesnake Attack

Shy and alone, she turned away from company and people. The reason for her guarded manner is still unknown, maybe the outcome of neglect or previous trauma, but it is evident what set off her incredible metamorphosis.

Nellie, for all her tough appearance, was deeply afraid, a result of her turbulent year-long move from one shelter to another. Things didn’t start to change until she took sanctuary with the Final Frontier Rescue Project and a temporary foster family.

Six months after the rescue, Taylor remembered lovingly, “Round and cute,” how Nellie had looked. Nellie, though, was really in need of emotional recovery more than physical care. She became anxious with loud noises and new people just made her more nervous, which made socialising difficult. She spent many hours being comforted by her loving foster mother Taylor while she awaited her permanent home.

And then there was the turning point that changed their relationship irrevocably. A rattlesnake walked across their path on the way back after a stroll through a Texas state park. Taylor let out a frightened cry as the terrifying snake got closer. Nellie moved quickly to put herself between the snake and her cherished person. She took the bite herself after resolutely deflecting the blow meant for Taylor.

A spectator stepped up in the middle of the mayhem, quickly dividing the fighters and taking the snake out of the picture. Taylor took Nellie to the clinic for emergency care, her injuries severe.

Nellie’s injuries, amazingly, healed. She started her rehab with antivenom and medicines. But her spirit changed dramatically as much as her physical injuries healed. Fear no more held her back, Nellie came out of the experience stronger and more resilient. She developed into a dog who threw herself into life, her shy manner giving way to a brave and gregarious one.

Luna, a pit bull, confirmed their close relationship by bravely and loyalty saving her foster mother, Emily Thompson, from a rattlesnake assault. Usually Emily and Luna loved their regular walks in the beautiful Arizona hills, the heroic event happened during one of them.

For several months Emily had been looking after Luna, a rescue dog with a difficult background. Passionate about animals, Emily had brought Luna in to assist in recovery from past neglect. Luna became a soft and loving friend always by Emily’s side by means of patience and love.

Luna froze on that terrible day, her body stiff and her ears tuned in as they were following their regular route. Sensing something was wrong, Emily paused and looked about. Then she saw a coiled rattlesnake close by, poised to strike. The snake sprang towards Emily before she could respond.

Luna jumped right away without thinking. She took the bite meant for her foster mum, positioned between Emily and the snake. Luna stayed alert, growling and keeping the snake at distance until it withdrew despite the suffering. Shock and thanks aside, Emily hurried Luna to the closest veterinarian facility.

Emily was spared a maybe fatal bite by Luna’s fast responses and selflessness. Treating Luna, the veterinary team put in great effort delivering antivenom and giving the required treatment. Luna recovered totally thanks to their work.

The episode strengthened Emily’s relationship with Luna since it demonstrated that Luna’s bravery was evidence of her love and commitment. Emily chose to adopt Luna permanently so her courageous friend would always have a safe and loving home.

Luna’s bravery not only saved Emily’s life but also brought attention to the close, emotional ties that could develop between rescuers and their handlers. It reminds me strongly of the affection and loyalty rescue dogs—especially Luna—can provide.

Today, Taylor would be able to leave Nellie in the hands of someone else knowing that the shy dog of her youth was long gone. While Nellie will always be known as the courageous soul who unselfishly rescued her human’s life, Taylor has learned the unfathomable joy of companionship from their common path.”

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