An Unwanted Dog, Afflicted by Disability, Left Abandoned at the Entrance of a Tire Repair Shop

“When Ozimar Queiroz and Lindomar Queiroz showed up early for work at the tyre repair shop on Estrada do Belmont in Porto Velho’s North Zone in mid-February, they were taken aback. By the side of the road they found an abandoned dog. The little animal was paws spread apart and unable to walk.

Ozimar, also known as Galego, was moved to care for the dog until a permanent home could be located. The dog hasn’t found a permanent home, though, after 20 days. They lovingly dubbed the dog Seal because of its state, which had splayed paws.

Seal is moved about the day by the tyre repairmen, but frequently the dog finds up dragging itself in the muck to be close to the stray cat that prowls the tyre store, the sole other animal companion.

Lindomar Queiroz said G1 Seal is gentle and needs medical care, but they don’t have the money to pay for it. Seal, now known as Foca, has found a home with a couple from Porto Velho after the story of the abandoned dog went viral on social media.

In a heartbreaking event highlighting the situation of abandoned animals, an unwanted disabled dog was discovered left behind the door of a tyre repair company. A sobering reminder of the difficulties animals in need of care and compassion endure, the mixed breed dog with obvious limp and symptoms of neglect had been left to fend for herself.

Shop staff members arriving for business noticed the dog curled up to the door and reported the finding. Though clearly uncomfortable and vulnerable, the dog behaved gently; his eyes revealed both fear and yearning for a kind soul to see and assist him.

Touched by the dog’s situation, the staff members called nearby animal rescue organisations right once. The dog carefully accepted their food and water, so betraying a mix of hunger and thanksfulness. The dog clearly suffered and neglected, his handicap making him especially susceptible to the grim facts of life on the streets.

Arriving quickly, rescuers were prepared to gently and compassionately manage the sensitive circumstances. Approaching the dog warily, they won his trust with soft motions and calm words. They patiently and tenaciously were able to securely get him to an adjacent animal sanctuary for assessment and treatment.

Shelter veterinarians found that the dog’s lameness most likely resulted from an old injury never healed correctly. Notwithstanding his physical difficulties, the dog showed a strong will and a readiness to trust anybody who treated him compassionately and responsibly.

News of the dog’s abandonment and later rescue infuriated and moved animal lovers in the area. Donations came in to help with his medical bills and rehabilitation, therefore guaranteeing he would get the required therapy and attention required to get well from his trauma.

The narrative of the dog reminds us very much of the need of compassion and activism in safeguarding weaker animals. It emphasises the tenacity of animals overcoming hardship and the transforming power of love and care in providing them with another opportunity at a better life. By means of the efforts of kind people and rescue groups, the dog discovered hope among hopelessness, therefore demonstrating that every animal has a right to be loved and cared for regardless of their situation.  

For around three weeks, the tyre repairmen looked after Foca, giving him food and water. At first given the name “Foca” by them, he was adopted by the economics student Michele.

“It was instant love. His circumstances really moved me. Already weak, yet very kind and loving. I was enamoured with him,” Michele said. Love him, that is. No other way to phrase it. I genuinely adore him. Like the affection of a mother.

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