Encountering a Distressed Dog Caught in Fishing Line, We Offered Rescue and Ensured Her Path to Recovery with Proper Care

Lucy has experienced nothing less than miraculous survival. She was found at a Bali building site around three months ago, where several pets had unnaturally disappeared. When her rescuer found Lucy among the debris, her destiny took a happy turn. She was tragically going to be sold for dog meat because a fishing line got twisted firmly around her nose.

Lucy’s life was spared when she was taken right away to the veterinarian for emergency care. Her suffering was far from finished even when the fishing line was cut. Given her diagnosis of the fatal parvovirus, her prognosis was iffy at best. Though it was a terrifying fight, Lucy started to show recovery after two weeks of intensive care and was placed in foster care.

But Lucy tested positive for distemper just when it appeared her problems were over. Lucy battled valiantly, using all of her remaining strength. She progressively got well physically with constant care and a lot of love, but her faith in people never returned.

Lucy had a difficult recovery characterised by gentle care and bone broth administered via syringe. At first shy and afraid, she began to come out of her shell with the steadfast help of foster parents, vets, and kind people.

Lucy advanced remarkably under Prue’s (the founder of Mission Paws’ible) care. Still wary, she started to find happiness again in small things like sunbathing and zooming around with her animal companions. Lucy’s growing confidence in both people and animals with every day is evidence of the transformational potential of love and patience.

Our peaceful afternoon on a calm lake took a surprising turn when we heard frantic barks across the water. Following the sound, we came upon a worried dog caught in a jumble of thrown fishing line. The poor creature battled, her motions limited and her pain evident.

Rapidly evaluating the circumstances, we moved carefully as we knew any unexpected movement would scare her further. We gently and deliberately untangled the fishing line, cautious not to hurt her any more. She clearly had been struggling for some time since the line had securely encircled her leg and torso.

We at last released her from the entanglement after what seemed like an eternity of cautious movement. She let us comfort her, exhausted and terrified, knowing our intentions were good. We brought her to a local veterinary clinic where doctors looked over her injuries. She had avoided significant damage, fortunately, but the tight line needed healing and attention.

We made sure she had the correct medical treatment and rehabilitation required over the next weeks. She started to trust once again with love and care; her lively spirit gradually surfaced as she healed emotionally as much as physically.

Her rescue narrative spoke to our neighbourhood and started discussions on how careless fishing methods affect animals as well as humans. It was a moving reminder of the need of appropriate garbage disposal and responsible outdoor recreation.

She discovered a fresh lease on life by our combined efforts and the dog’s tenacious nature, so reflecting the triumph of compassion and care over hardship. Her path from suffering to recovery came to represent hope and evidence of the impact we can create by deciding to act compassionately and empathetically.

Lucy is now excitedly looking forward to a bright future and a permanent home. Mission Paws’ible is building a Healing Centre where animals in need of comfort and assistance on their road to recovery can find it. By means of all-encompassing therapies and tender care, this sanctuary seeks to offer animals the conducive atmosphere for their optimal growth.

Lucy’s tale is evidence of tenacity and the amazing ability of love to conquer the most difficult obstacles.

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