Encountering a dog ensnared in fishing line, our determined efforts led to her rescue and complete recovery under our care

Lucy’s survival of her trauma is a wonder. Found almost three months ago at a building site in Bali, Lucy’s saviour happened upon her by accident after several pets had apparently vanished. She was probably intended for the horrible dog meat trade since a fishing line was tightly wrapped around her snout. Lucy’s rescuer moved quickly to get her to the clinic for critical treatment.

Lucy’s problems were far from gone even though the fishing line was taken out at the vet. Found to have parvovirus, her 50/50 chance of life seemed overwhelming. Lucy started to show indications of improvement after two weeks despite the odds; she was then put in foster care. Her struggle was still under way, though. She tested positive for distemper just a day later, adding still another degree of difficulty to her already difficult path.

Lucy started to mend physically slowly, driven just by will and a dogged attempt to nurture her back to health. But her emotional scars ran deep. Fearful of others and lacking confidence, she turned inside herself and spent hours cowering in the kennel’s corner.

Veterans, foster parents, and committed people helped Lucy gradually heal from her ordeal. Months later she was under the care of Prue, the creator of Mission Paws’ible, where she made amazing improvement. Still wary, Lucy is progressively rediscovering happiness and confidence. She is playing with her furry companions and tanning in the sun.

Any kind person would be horrified to see a dog caught in fishing line, and this was exactly the case one lovely afternoon by the lake. Our regular weekend stroll veered off course when we heard tiny whimpers emanating from a group of reeds close to the shore. Investigating more, we found a terrified dog caught in a fishing line with limited movement and fearful eyes.

Young Labrador mix, the dog clearly had been ailing for long time. Tightly wrapped around her legs and body, the fishing line cut her skin and clearly caused her. Her attempts at liberation had only made things worse; she was tired and in agony. Our emotions moved to the underprivileged animal, and we felt we had to move quickly to rescue her.

We grabbed the tools at hand without time to lose. We gently went up to the dog, speaking in soft tones to help her relax. She seemed to know we were there to help, even though she first panicked. We carefully cut away the fishing line using a pocketknife and scissors, taking careful not to injure her any more.

The procedure was labor-intensive and calls for great tolerance. Every line cut brought us closer to releasing her, but it also ran the danger of aggravating her suffering. We finally cut the last piece of fishing line after what seemed like hours but was really just about thirty minutes. Though obviously relieved, the dog needed medical attention and was feeble.

We carried her right away to the closest veterinary clinic. The veterinarian verified our worries: she was dehydrated and had multiple severe cuts, but happily there were no life-threatening injuries. She got the required treatment—fluids and sutures among other things—and we were advised on how to look after her during her rehabilitation.

We chose to raise Lily, whom we had named, while she healed. Lily had incredible resiliency under our care. Her wounds healed slowly, and as she got stronger every day her mood improved. She changed from a scared, wounded animal into a kind and fun friend.

Lily’s rescue and rehabilitation is evidence of the power of tenacious and sympathetic work. She came out of deep hopelessness healthy and content, always appreciative of the second opportunity presented. Lily’s life was spared, but this experience also enhanced ours by reminding us of the deep bonds we may create with animals in need.

Lucy’s path best illustrates the transforming potential of patience and love. She is currently excitedly awaiting her permanently home and is looking forward a great future despite her horrific history. Offering several therapeutic treatments to help animals like Lucy recuperate, Mission Paws’ible is creating a Healing Centre as a safe refuge for rest and recuperation.

In Lucy, we find evidence of tenacity, affection, and the unflinching will to rise above difficulty and flourish.

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