Grieving mother dog, unwilling to part with her puppies who died during birth, redigs their grave, displaying profound sorrow and devotion

A moving video shows a mother dog trying to retrieve her puppies from their graves. She is clearly grieving. Following problems during birth, the sad event happened in Suzhou, Anhui Province, China.

The owner of the dog, Mr. Qin, said that two puppies passed away during delivery and that their bodies had been buried but then unearthed “five or six times.”

The unhappy mother dog is seen in the first video clutching one of her dead puppies in her jaws while her owner softly strokes her and works to free the dead body from her grasp.

Having dug two puppies from the ground, the second video depicts the mother dog licking their bodies in a small grave.

Appearing depressed and sobbing, the bereaved dog responds to the consoling touches from her owner.

The dog can be seen in the third video strolling along a road with one of the deceased puppies in her teeth.

Refusing to split from her dead babies even after their terrible deaths during birth, a mother dog recently redigued the cemetery of her puppies in a moving exhibition of mother loss and loyalty. This heartbreaking event happened in a tiny rural town, where the local people were very moved by the relationship between the mother dog and her offspring.

Bella, a sweet and affectionate Labrador, had been looking forward to the birth of her litter. Sadly, problems during delivery resulted in the terrible deaths of every one of her puppies. Hoping to provide Bella with a proper resting place, the devastated owners—who had been tending to her—decided to bury the small dogs in a quiet area of their garden. Bella, though, had different ideas.

Bella’s behaviour grew more and more upsetting in the days after the funeral. She visited the tomb often, pining and pawing the ground. Originally thinking she was only in grief, her owners gave her extra attention and consolation. But Bella’s grief went deeper than they could have possibly guessed. Bella had redubbed the grave; they found it one morning, revealing her puppies in an effort to be close once more.

This deep act of loss and loyalty was startling as well as heartbreaking. Bella’s behaviour revealed a strong attachment and a degree of emotional complexity that drove her owners and observers to tears. Her mother instincts drove her to be near her lost children, even in death, so she had resisted letting go.

One of my greatest griefs was seeing Bella gently prodding her dead puppies next to the unearthed grave. Her sorrowful and longing eyes spoke to everyone who saw them as a grief they could really relate to. Bella became the focal point for the community’s support and understanding. Local animal welfare specialists were contacted to make sure Bella had the required psychological and emotional support to get her through this trying period.

Bella’s owners decided to bring her inside the house more regularly, surrounding her with love and comfort, therefore helping her to heal. Hoping to comfort her, they gave her a comfortable environment complete with her preferred toys and blankets. Bella started to show symptoms of acceptance and healing over time, with the patience and sympathy of her family; nonetheless, the memory of her lost dogs persisted.

Bella’s moving narrative reminds us powerfully of the great emotional lives animals lead and the close relationships they create. Her great loss and relentless loyalty to her dogs draw attention to the universal character of loss and the resiliency of motherly love. Bella’s story reminds us of the necessity of compassion and empathy for all species, their capacity for strong emotional ties, and the need for support at difficult times of bereavement.

The video closes with Mr. Qin taking the youngster from the mother dog and holding its limp body in his fingers. Whether any further pups made it through delivery is unknown.

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