In a touching scene, a mother dog tenderly pursues her puppy to bestow a final kiss goodbye, leaving observers captivated by the heartwarming display of maternal love as they bid farewell

Following her puppy to a new home, a grieving mother dog bid goodbye in central China. This mixed-breed stray has been taken under care by students at Zhengzhou University in Henan province ever since she delivered a litter of seven pups in mid-September. Monday saw a video capturing the poignant moment as the mother tenderly kissed her brown puppy farewell before it went with its new owner.

The scene started as the worried mother trailed closely behind the female owner carrying the small pup in her arms towards her scooter. The mother dog stopped when they arrived at the scooter, her head and tail drooping almost as if she were begging for one final moment with her puppy. The owner let the mother bid her farewells after which the two kissed and licked one other.

Observers were greatly moved by this sweet expression of mother love in a heartbreaking and heartwarming incident when a mother dog gently pursued her puppy to deliver a last kiss goodbye. The moment happened in an animal shelter, when everyone there was enthralled by the relationship between the mother and her puppy.

Kindly volunteers had discovered abandoned mother dog Bella and her puppy Max and brought them to the shelter. Bella had looked after Max with unflinching loyalty despite their challenging conditions. She watched him closely to make sure he was secure and nourished, clearly displaying her protective impulses.

Days went by and it was obvious Max would shortly be adopted. A loving family has stepped forward ready to offer him a permanently home. Bella and Max would be split even if this was clearly welcome news. Knowing Bella would suffer emotionally, the shelter staff planned to set up a last meeting for the mother and her dog before his leaving.

The scene at the shelter on the day Max was adopted was conflicting. Knowing that this would be a time of both happiness and loss, the staff and volunteers assembled. Bella appeared very calm since she sensed something important was about to happen. Emotion was heavy in the air when Max was brought to her.

Bella gently and deliberately walked towards Max in a scene that made everyone cry. Her sorrowful yet loving gaze fixated on her pet. She gently nudged him, her nose following the lines of his little physique as though she were remembering every detail. She then gave Max a last kiss on his forehead with a grace that said volumes about the depth of her love.

The act was straightforward but incredibly poignant. Bella’s last kiss was a farewell, a kind of symbolic hand-off of love and protection to the new family Max would be joining. Bella seemed to be blessing Max, hoping he would be loved and cared for as profoundly as she had.

The scene moved observers—including the adopting family and the shelter staff—very powerfully. Seeing Bella and Max show their pure, unqualified love, several people started crying. This event acted as a strong reminder of the emotional ability of animals, highlighting their close relationships and grief they go through during periods of separation.

Max was softly brought to his new house; Bella watched him go with mixed feelings of pride and grief, but her demeanour was calm. She had done her share, raising and shielding Max until he could walk on his own.

Everyone who saw Bella’s farewell to Max could relate to it, therefore highlighting the strong ties found in the animal realm. It was evidence of the continuing force of mother love, a relationship spanning species and addressed to the universal language of the heart.

The owner soothed the mother before she turned and left, one more look at her beloved pet under promise of great care. After being filmed, the moving event went fast viral and touched millions of people who could relate to the last scene from a film. Many expressed their anguish and hoped the mother and dog may be adopted together.

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