Outside Walmart, a homeless man pleaded for help for his dog, and a kind-hearted woman stepped in to assist

The sign tore her heart open. Patrick, the homeless man, was there pleading for assistance. For himself, he had no requests for food or money. Helping his best friend was what he was asking. An angel showed up just when this man needed it.

Despite strong criticism, many homeless people keep animals. That is not up for discussion here. There should only be a disagreement when a homeless person endangers their pet; most of the time, they do not. They go without so their pet can have a steady diet, warmth, and appropriate shelter.

“Dog in pound, need help,” was written on a sign that Wilma Frice of Houston, Texas, saw posted outside of Walmart.

That sign broke her heart. There by himself, Patrick was a homeless man pleading for assistance. Not that he was asking for money or food for himself. His best friend Franklin was in the pound and he couldn’t pay the $120 to get him out, so he was searching for assistance.

“He seemed like a nice, gentle soul who just happened to have a hard life,” Frice said to

Having received the money from Wilma, Patrick posted the following on Facebook. Her posting states:

Outside a busy Walmart, quiet desperation was playing out. Sitting on the ground with a cardboard sign saying “Please help my dog,” a homeless man wore ragged clothing and a tired look. Beside him stood a thin, shivering dog with sorrowful eyes that mirrored their battle and bond.

Glancing but moving on, immersed in their own routines, passersby One good woman, Maria, however, was unable to overlook the silent request. She came over and knelt next to her friend, drawn by his sincere concern for her. She discovered that the man, Tom, had described Buddy as his devoted companion through good times and bad. Buddy was unwell now, and Tom was looking for help but lacked the resources to deliver the required treatment.

Maria moved powerfully. She first went into Walmart determined to help and purchased food and drink for Tom and Buddy. Then she called a nearby animal rescue group, stressing Buddy’s critical state. Arriving quickly to evaluate Buddy and make plans for quick veterinarian treatment, the rescue crew

Maria helped Tom find temporary housing and linked him with social services that would provide more sustainable support while Buddy was being treated for a severe infection and malnutrition. Though slow, Buddy recovered steadily, and his relationship with Tom only became closer.

Maria’s intervention did not stop at first assistance. She posted Tom and Buddy’s tale on social media, and the reaction was rather strong. Not only would donations help Tom get back on his feet, but they also help Buddy pay his medical bills.

A tale of hopelessness changed into one of hope and community through the generosity of a stranger. Maria’s empathy set off a series of giving events that show the great influence of looking after one another in all kinds of situations.

He is an amazing man, and Franklin is an amazing dog. I’m shocked. I am not a very judgmental person and I never judge somebody by the cover of their book because I know how hard I work every day just to make sure the animals have all they need and will never wind up on the street again while they wait for their forever home. I have done homeless animals all my life and dedicated my life to them. We all could be in his blink of an eye and you never know somebody like or what’s going on in their situation. I have been blessed in my life with unconditional love for all the homeless animals.

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