Today is My Birthday, But No One Has Wished Me Yet

Birthdays are intended to be happy events bursting with love, celebration, and well wishes. But today, as I woke up and discovered it was my birthday, an uncomfortable silence rapidly replaced the excitement. The clock ran on, and still not one message, call, or social media alert noted my unique day. Though it’s an unusual and lonely experience, it also presents a special chance for self-examination and introspection.

The morning started as usual. Expecting a torrent of alerts, I got out of bed, stretched, and checked my phone. Not even anything. I reminded myself that was still early and folks were most likely preoccupied with their daily business. Everyone has his own life and obligations after all. Still, the lack of recognition began to wear on me as the hours went by.

I chose to divert myself with my regular activities. I jogged expecting the fresh air would make me happier. The park was calm, the sounds of birds tweeting and leaves rustling filling the space. Though the emptiness in my heart was difficult to overlook, it was lovely. I started to wonder whether the people I loved neglected or forgot me.

I made a nice brunch back home. A little treat to mark my day are pancakes topped with fresh berries and whipped cream. I considered past birthdays as I ate in the peace of my kitchen. Festivities, friends, and family abound in them. The difference with today was quite clear. But I opted to change my viewpoint instead of moping over loss. Maybe this seclusion could have some worth.

I spent the afternoon enjoying in activities I enjoy but usually ignore because of a hectic schedule. I lost myself in a book I found gathering dust on my shelf. I painted, letting my feelings show themselves on the canvas. I even caught a nap—something I hardly have time for. These times of self-care let me realise that inner serenity and contentment are just as vital even if outside approval is consoling.

The day went on and I came to see that birthdays are just like any other day—what we interpret of them. Lack of others’ wishes does not lessen the importance of the day. Still a milestone, it’s an honouring of another year of life, development, and experiences. I began to appreciate the seclusion that let me come back in touch with myself.

I made the decision to cook a dinner especially for tonight. For me, cooking has always been healing; tonight was no different. I carefully created a dinner, enjoying every stage of the cooking. I felt happy and successful as I settled down to dine. Though different from what I had anticipated, this day was turning out to be especially memorable.

Later, I set a candle on a little cake I had purchased for myself. Closing my eyes to make a wish, I became immensely appreciative of the little pleasures and the quiet times of delight that had occupied my day. Even if they come packaged in unanticipated packages, I yearned for strength, resilience, and the capacity to treasure the little blessings that life presents.

As I extinguished the candle, my phone buzzed. An old buddy sent a note, then another from a family member appeared. The alerts started to trickle slowly. People looked to be simply a little delayed, not forgetting after all. Although every message made me happy, I came to see that my happiness wasn’t depending just on them.

The day has imparted a useful knowledge. Although it’s great to have desires and love from others, actual satisfaction comes from inside. It’s about valuing the here-now, discovering delight in isolation, and honouring yourself. My birthday today started calmly but concluded with a great knowledge of myself and thanksfulness.

That night I fell off to sleep and felt warmth in my heart. It was from the knowledge that I could make my day unique, not from the late notes or calls that finally arrived. Birthdays are what we interpret of life. And today I had celebrated my own love and personal development.

What do you think?