Today’s my birthday, yet no one has wished me so far

Many times, birthdays are viewed as occasions for celebration, introspection, and connection. Usually full with love, excitement, and well wishes from family and friends, they celebrate the passing of yet another year. Birthdays serve for many as a reminder of the relationships we have and the people who love us. What happens, therefore, when the day comes and the expected greetings and celebrations are nowhere to be seen? As I mark yet another year of my existence today, I am struggling with an unexpected quiet. Although it is my birthday, thus far nobody has wished me.

This morning began just like every other, but with the extra buzz of my big day. Expecting the barrage of messages and calls typically accompanying a birthday, I woke up smiling. I pictured the sincere notes from friends, the passionate calls from family, and the lighthearted social media posts. But as the minutes stretched into hours, the silence became increasingly deafening. My phone stayed absolutely silent, without a single ringing tone to liven the boredom.

I tried first to dismiss the mounting discomfort. I told myself maybe everyone is simply busy. After all, individuals have schedules and obligations and life can be chaotic. My hope started to fade, though, as the morning grew into afternoon. Hoping for a missed call or a delayed message, I checked my phone often but found nothing. The silence became into a mirror reflecting my mounting uncertainty and solitude.

Birthdays may bring with them specific expectations. Those we love should help us to feel unique, valued, and remembered. A great sensation of disappointment and loneliness might follow from unmet expectations. I started to doubt the bonds I considered to be present in my relationships. Were they truly as robust as I had thought? As much as I cared about them, did others share in my concerns? These ideas whirled in my head, aggravating my feelings of neglect and depression.

The day wore on and I discovered myself swinging between grief and rage. That my special day seemed to go overlooked by those closest to me made me sad. I questioned whether my value in their life matched their level in mine. When we feel as though our relationships lack reciprocation, especially on a day as important as a birthday, it is normal to get wounded.

Amid this emotional turbulence, I chose to stand back and consider things. Why was I depending so much on outside approval to be content on my birthday? Why did the lack of well-wishes cause me such strong emotional resonance? It became abundantly evident that the acceptance and gratitude of others had been rather important in determining my pleasure and self-worth. Although we naturally look to individuals we love for affirmation, it’s also vital to discover value and fulfilment within of ourselves.

I started to change my attention from the lack of outside welcomes to the presence of self-love and praise. Rather than waiting for people to make me unique, I resolved to handle things myself. I had myself a slow breakfast and satisfied my taste in cuisine. Enjoying the peace and natural beauty the park offered, I strolled a long distance. I gave some thought to my accomplishments, the obstacles I surmounted, and the person I have evolved over the past year.

By evening, I was experiencing a kind of serenity and fulfilment not at all expected. Although it still disappointed me that no one had contacted, I came to see that my self-worth and happiness did not depend just on other people. I could celebrate my own achievements and bring myself delight. Reminding me that although outside affirmation is great, it is not the only source of happiness, the day turned into a lesson in self-reliance and self-love.

Finally, as the evening descended, I got a few belated calls and texts from friends and relatives caught in their own hectic life. Although their apologies and well wishes were much valued, by then I had discovered more inner satisfaction. On my birthday today, I discovered the priceless lesson that often the best well wishes originate from inside.

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