Mountain Majesty: Celebrating the 11-Year Legacy of a Remarkable Rescue Dog with Over 200 Lifesaving Missions

An honored search dog, who was once praised for being the UK’s longest-serving mountain rescue dog, is getting just reward for her years of devoted service. Border collie Skye worked in the Lake District for an amazing eleven years before turning fourteen in 2020. Her outstanding efforts to find and rescue are now being recognized with the esteemed PDSA Order of Merit, sometimes known as a “animal OBE.”

Over her remarkable career, Skye and her handler, John Leadbetter, carried out an astounding 200 searches in all kinds of weather. Her road to becoming a fully trained search dog started when she was a young puppy with the Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Team. Skye then carried on with her goal with the Duddon and Furness MRT, obtaining her search dog qualification before moving on to the Langdale and Ambleside MRT and, finally, the Kendal MRT.

Skye is a treasured lifetime friend as well as a devoted business partner for John Leadbetter. He said of his close relationship with Skye, “We’re lifelong partners, and she’s my best friend on the fells. She means everything to me.”

Mr. Leadbetter is quite humbled and moved by Skye’s achievements being acknowledged with the PDSA Order of Merit. It is a touching tribute to the commitment and labour that search dogs and their teams have put into guaranteeing mountain safety.

Skye’s remarkable career goes beyond rescuing lives. She has also been a key ambassador, raising money and bringing attention to the important work that mountain rescue teams do.

Skye becomes the 36th member of the PDSA Order of Merit, an accolade created in 2014 to recognize animals for their outstanding contributions to society. The PDSA director-general, Jan McLoughlin, was quite proud to give Skye this award and acknowledged her exceptional abilities and steadfast dedication that go much beyond simple friendship. It pays appropriate honor to her lifetime commitment and laborious efforts.

Mountain Majesty, a great rescue dog, is being honoured in the heart of the Rockies for an incredible 11-year career filled with more than 200 rescuing missions. Having trained the top Mountain Rescue Team, Majesty’s sharp senses and unflinching commitment have made her a great benefit in search and rescue missions.

“Her long and distinguished career has seen her not only protect and help people in danger, but her ambassadorial work has also helped to raise important funds and increase awareness of the incredible work these Mountain Rescue teams perform,” McLoughlin said, emphasizing Skye’s dual role.

At over sixteen years old now, Skye is spending a well-earned retirement with Mr. Leadbetter and his family. She may be a little slower now, but she still enjoys the chance to explore the fells and hills and enjoy the well-earned peace of retirement.

From locating missing hikers to helping with avalanche rescues, Majesty makes exceptional contributions. Many families in crisis have found solace and hope in her extraordinary abilities and soft demeanour. The memory of Mountain Majesty’s bravery inspires her even after she retires, underscoring the amazing power of rescue dogs in guaranteeing safety and saving lives on challenging terrain.

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