Heroic Journey: Man Travels 2,800 Miles to Rescue Pit Bull From Euthanasia

Devoted pit bull fan Mario Rodriguez came across a tweet one day that was posted by a woman in New York who was trying to prevent a pit bull named Hickory from being put to sleep. Rodriguez was struck, at once, by Hickory’s situation and determined to save him. He had no idea that his choice would take him on an incredible adventure.

Rodriguez wasted no time, even though he was in California on the other coast. When he contacted his employer, he was kindly allowed to change his delivery schedule to take a diversion through New York. Driven to save Hickory, Rodriguez started an exhausting six-day cross-country journey.

Emulating the real definition of heroism, a man set out on a 2,800-mile trek to save a pit bull from euthanasia in a story of extraordinary commitment and compassion. This amazing tale started when John Doe, a New York native who loves animals greatly, heard about Max, a pit bull scheduled for euthanasia in a California shelter.

For months, Max, a three-year-old gentle pit bull, had been at the shelter. Though he was loving, he battled to find a permanent home because of general breed stereotypes. Max’s fate appeared set with time running out and the shelter filled.

When Rodriguez finally made it to the Brooklyn ACC Shelter, where Hickory was waiting, the dog gave him a raucous show of happiness. That was an instantaneous recognition. Returning to Georgia, their new home, Rodriguez and Hickory set out with their paperwork in order.

Rodriguez forged a close bond with Hickory as they went, one that became stronger with every mile. When he returned to Georgia, Hickory bonded with Cooper and Angel, Rodriguez’s other pit bulls, and fit right in with the pack.

John headed across the nation, determined to save Max. His path crossed several states, every mile driven with a heart full of hope and will. John faced several difficulties along the journey, from bad weather to auto problems, but his will never wavered.

Days on the trip later, John at last arrived at the refuge on schedule. Originally suspicious, Max soon warmed up to his rescuer because he sensed his compassion. Emotional in nature, the reunion marked the start of a new chapter for man and dog.

Knowing their special relationship, Rodriguez made the decision that Hickory would be his devoted co-pilot on all future travels. Adopting the part, Hickory enthusiastically saw new places and brought his own kind of thrill to their excursions.
Rodriguez wants to start a pit bull rescue group, but he intends to retire shortly. Traveling the nation with Hickory, they make priceless memories and post about their experiences on Hickory’s Facebook page.

Rodriguez exemplifies the deep link between people and animals with his unflinching dedication and relationship with Hickory. Their journey across the country demonstrates the extent to which a man will travel in order to save a life in need. May others be motivated by their inspirational path to help animals in need and to enjoy the happiness that rescue dogs bring.”

John’s remarkable trip emphasizes the great influence one person can have and supports the need of compassion as well as the special relationship between people and their dogs.

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